Lazard Frères Gestion Named Best French Asset Management Company on the Occasion of the 2021 European Funds Trophy Ceremony

Every year, the FundClass agency awards the best European asset management companies on the occasion of the “European Funds Trophy” ceremony. The event is organized by an independent jury in collaboration with several renowned media partners in France (Le Monde, LCI), Switzerland (Le Temps), Luxembourg (Paperjam), and Spain (El País). The 2021 edition took place on March 10, 2021, accompanied by an online ceremony.

On this occasion, Lazard Frères Gestion received two awards, the first for the “best French asset management company” in the category of “71 to 100 rated funds”. FundClass categorizes companies according to the number of rated funds they manage. This trophy rewards the resilience of our 2020 performance in the very particular context of the public health crisis and the significant volatility that it caused on financial markets.

Furthermore, also in the category of “71 to 100 rated funds,” Lazard Frères Gestion won the special prize this year for the company with the best long-term performance over a period of seven years. Winning both prizes simultaneously underscores the regularity of our performance, in the short term (one year) as well as in the long term (seven years).

This regularity is also reflected in the fact that Lazard Frères Gestion has been named “best French asset management company” in its category for the eleventh consecutive year. After finishing at the top of the rankings in the category of “26 to 40 ranked funds” (2011, 2012), then in the category of “41 to 70 ranked funds” (2013, 2014), Lazard Frères Gestion has been the top-ranked French or even European company in the category of “71 to 100 ranked funds” since 2015. Over the years, the company has grown, entering the larger categories, while maintaining intact its asset management quality.

We are proud of having received these awards, which confirm the success of our work. Over the course of the past eleven years, the markets have gone through extremely turbulent times, from the sovereign debt crisis (2011) to the Covid-19 public health crisis (2020), as well as a monetary recovery from the ECB without precedent (since 2015), not to mention certain political surprises with major financial repercussions (2016). Without allowing themselves to be swayed by fears or bandwagon effects, Lazard Frères Gestion’s teams have been steadfastly committed to keeping a well-defined course and advancing serenely with a time-tested asset management strategy.

Investing is a profession that requires constantly identifying the most relevant choices to be made in order to unlock superperformance in a partially unpredictable environment. Receiving an award for the eleventh straight year in this domain is an honor that we are happy to share with all our clients, who are its primary beneficiaries.


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