European Funds Trophy 2020 Rankings



Lazard Frères Gestion has been named best European asset manager in the European Funds Trophy 2020 rankings for performance in 2019. The Fundclass methodology measures risk-adjusted performance and awarded Lazard Frères Gestion first place for its mutual funds, including its wealth management funds, in the 71–100-funds category. Having previously topped the rankings for France from 2013 to 2016, this is the fourth consecutive year that Lazard Frères Gestion has come first at European level.

Fundclass Trophy: rewarding long-term performance

For the tenth year in a row, Lazard Frères Gestion has won a Fundclass Trophy for consistently strong performance. The trophy is an endorsement of our long-term approach and recognises, once again, the ability of our teams to manage funds that outperform those of competitors with similar risk profiles.

Firm convictions and values

These awards highlight the relevance of our investment strategy, which is based on in-depth macroeconomic analysis and implemented by experienced fund manager-analysts. They also commend the precision of our processes, which seek to capture opportunities during various stages of the economic cycle while limiting losses when markets decline. Above all, the awards underscore the values at the heart of our commitment to individual and institutional clients: our independence of judgement, experience, and extensive knowledge of the companies that we invest in.

The current climate hardly lends itself to celebrating performances or results. Rather, this award is an opportunity to reiterate our investment philosophy, which is firmly focused on creating value over the long term. The Fundclass jury analysed fund behaviour over a 10-year period that included numerous difficulties including Europe’s sovereign debt crisis in 2011. Their decision is a testament to the relevance of our long-term approach, which enables us to objectively navigate crises and avoid short-term fads.


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