A US recession imminent? Not according to the job statistics


The market downturn as well as disappointing manufacturing sector indicators have led to a multitude of predictions that a US recession is imminent. We are not of this opinion.

Graph sem 1


We believe that the US economy is in the midst of a manufacturing sector correction stemming from the fall in oil prices and the need to run down undoubtedly high inventory levels. However, aside from the manufacturing sector, we think that growth should remain on the right track: job creation is high and buoying household disposable income. Net of inflation household income is still growing. The construction sector is also healthy and government expenditure, having held the market back for a long time, is now contributing to it slightly.

As for the economic backdrop, we have yet to see an increase in the number of weekly unemployment claims. In our view, this statistic is one of the best indicators of the US economic environment and tends to rise when the economy is heading towards a recession. At the moment, unemployment claims remain at very low levels leading us to believe that US growth is set to continue in 2016.




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